Salesforce and QuickBooks Integration via Zapier


Prison Network supports women in and beyond prison, providing the support and courage they need to navigate positive pathways and create change.

Prison Network believes in the value of each woman and in their ability to make positive changes with appropriate support. As many as 87% of offending women are survivors of childhood sexual or physical abuse. ​

A prison sentence can have a devastating impact on children and families. Prison Network provides support to the families of prisoners, sponsoring and transporting children to school holiday camps and transporting children into the prison for visits with their mothers.

Prison Network relies heavily on the work of many volunteers who give their time to support the women, families and staff in a variety of ways.

The Challenge

Prison Network are a very small team, with an external bookkeeper responsible for reconciling income. They did not have a CRM to manage relationships with their supporters, volunteers, clients and donors, and they had many manual processes.

The Solution

In early 2021 Prison Network implemented Salesforce, with the help of the volunteers at Blaze Your Trail, led by Deepa Subbian.

The first integration built was between Raisely and Salesforce so that all donations received online would automagically be created as Opportunities (and Payments) in Salesforce.

If you are interested in how we built this integration please read our White Paper.

90% of the donations in volume are made online, but there are still donations made by cheque or EFT payment (grants and gifts from major donors), as well as the odd cash donation.

In Salesforce we always record the gift amount against the donor contact record, and we do not normally record the payment processing fees. These are subtracted from the gift before the money is remitted, and when you have dozens of gifts in one day, reconciliation of payment is very time consuming, as they do not match and they are batched into one EFT payment.

We wanted a way to ensure that all donations created in Salesforce are sent to Quickbooks and vice versa. 

The bookkeeper also wanted the processing fees deducted from original donation amount.

This way they can easily reconcile payments and know what income and expense codes to use, as we pass the primary campaign for each donation into QuickBooks also. 

Integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce gives full visibility into how an organisation is running and where it can be improved. Accounting software and Salesforce work together to share data, including customer information. Connecting with QuickBooks reduces duplicate data entry and increases productivity.

Deepa built this solution in 4 Zaps. Prerequisites include Login/System access to Zapier, Salesforce and Quickbooks.

Each Zap is available for viewing and printing as a PDF

  1. Salesforce to QuickBooks Integration
  2. QuickBooks to Salesforce Integration
  3. Raisely to QuickBooks Integration
  4. Update existing data from Salesforce to Quickbooks

The Result

A very happy Bookkeeper!

Sally Tonkin, Fundraising Manager and Salesforce Executive Sponsor said:

"Salesforce has allowed us to feel more connected to our donors. Our relationship with our donors is captured in a more dynamic  and ever evolving way – which reflects how relationships work. Our team are enthused about Salesforce beyond what I could’ve hoped for. Having the learning tools available to them through Trailhead gives them autonomy and independence as they explore and grow in knowledge and expertise at their own pace."

If you would like to know more about this solution, or how to do the same thing with other Accounting Software such as MYOB or Xero - please get in touch.

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