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Blaze Your Trail is a social enterprise that offers consulting services around fundraising and the use of technology.

We can help you enhance and build a digital-first approach to connecting with your supporters, and amplifying your impact.

We specialise in customer relationship management and customer experience - both strategy and implementation. 

Use your powers for good


We have been able to create a sophisticated case management system that has been crucial to our ability to deliver a 37% increase in the number of babies and children supported (2020 vs 2019).

Carly Fradgley, Founder and CEO Baby Give Back

What’s been invaluable for me is the Raisely implementation, the automation of adding subscribers to fundraising campaigns, and the integration of Mailchimp with Salesforce.

Sara Pantaleo, Chair Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation

Our reporting at a glance with Dashboards, consistent automated messaging, bookings all in one place, leads at a glance, and minimising of admin work, it's all absolutely priceless to us.

Jodie Tuckwell-Knight, CEO Ready Set

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