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We disrupt recruitment bias

We provide jobseekers with the hands-on work experience they need to overcome barriers to workplace entry. We have helped more than 250 people win their first job.

We focus on the for-purpose sector

We help build a digital-first approach that helps you do good - from enhancing connection with supporters, to amplifying impact and streamlining processes.

We have a great mission

We champion diversity in technology and help for-purpose organisations maximise their impact. We advocate for flexible, meaningful, secure and well-paid work.

Our Vision

Meet Jessica Macpherson OAM, our Founder

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Our why

Every day, we face new and complex challenges that impact our people and planet. As a result, the world needs nonprofits more than ever. In response, organisations are harnessing the power of technology to build a better future. At Blaze Your Trail, we can help you drive your entire mission. With our support, you can track and measure impact in real time, manage your volunteering activity, deliver services to beneficiaries, amplify your fundraising, and take every supporter on their own personal and engaging journey.

Our goals

Read our success stories

We love working with small organisations taking their first steps into the digital world. Everyone in our team has first-hand experience working as charity founders or leaders. Here we share the stories of for-purpose organisations who have discovered a world of digital possibilities that have transformed their work and impact.

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