Vision and Mission


Great technology for for-purpose organisations. Great employment for job-seekers.

A kinder and fairer future for all. 


We champion diversity in technology and help for-purpose organisations maximise their impact.

We advocate for flexible, meaningful, secure and well-paid work.


Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Fairness.

The opportunity

It’s reported that one in four permanent skilled migrants work in a job beneath their skill level, and this skill underutilisation is costing the Australian economy at least $1.25 billion each year.

“In addition to many migrants working beneath their skill level, the system is slow to respond to rapidly emerging skills needs, such as digital and data. As we emerge from COVID-19 we need a skilled migration system that is nimble and responsive to the needs of the economy.” Melinda Cilento, CEDA Chief Executive (1)

Blaze your Trail provides practical hands-on learning opportunities, mentoring and support to find employment pathways for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (who are often parents trying to return to work) and people looking to change their career to a technology role. Without training and support these people would most likely stay in casual and poor paying positions.

(1) A good match: Optimising Australia’s permanent skilled migration March 2021



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