About us

Blaze Your Trail is a Melbourne based fundraising and technology consultancy with a social purpose. 

We offer training and expert advice for non profits and people from diverse and non technical backgrounds.

Blaze Your Trail is a social enterprise supporting people from refugee and migrant background into secure, reliable and rewarding employment.

We help people from diverse backgrounds who lack local experience or find themselves on insecure career paths. We are particularly focused on helping women. 

12 reasons why you should choose Blaze Your Trail for your next project:

  1. We have a great mission. We champion diversity in technology and help for-purpose organisations maximise their impact. We advocate for flexible, meaningful, secure and well-paid work for all.

  2. We focus on the for-purpose sector. We help you do good - from deepening your connection with your supporters, to amplifying impact and streamlining processes, we can help you do more with less.

  3. We are Australian. We believe that Australian partners are the best partners for Australian organisations, and that fundraising is different here. Better. Different. Unusual. Nice.

  4. We are an accredited social enterprise. This means that we commit at least 50% of our profits to our mission. Our work generates the income we need to ensure that our pro bono work experience program is always free for job seekers.

  5. We address 5 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These are a call for action for us all to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. We work towards these goals and will not work with anyone who does not. 

  6. We disrupt recruitment bias. We provide jobseekers with the hands-on work experience they need to overcome barriers to workplace entry. We have helped more than 250 people win their first job in Australia.

  7. We are building a talent pipeline. We train for and actively encourage people to join the for-purpose sector. We are trying to ensure that for-purpose organisations get the skilled people they need to achieve their goals.

  8. Our Team are highly skilled and experienced individuals with a track record of founding and running successful charities. We have been there and done that. We are experienced fundraisers and communicators. We “get” you.

  9. We share what we know. We regularly publish “how to “ blog posts, explaining how you can do it yourself with step-by-step guides. We believe that anyone with the willingness to try and the time to commit can learn how to do anything. And if you don’t have the time we can do it for you! 

  10. We offer endless support to our customers. That is right - we offer 3 hours of Ask Us Anything every week. To all pro bono and paying, prospective, pending, present and past customers. So you need not worry about what happens at the end of the project, you can always find help. And our customers are happy! Check out the ratings on the Salesforce App Exchange.

  11. Our LinkedIn page is full of stories about our wonderful customers and the success they are enjoying, as well as the dedicated volunteers and the great work they do. We particularly love sharing their stories of overcoming challenges and winning their first job.

  12. Our business is proudly 100% owned and run by 100% women, because we have a lot of work to do to bring balance into technology and no better place to start than now.
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