White Paper

Setting up a Fundraising Campaign in Raisely and Integrating with Salesforce

In 2018 we set up a fundraising page in Raisely (a fundraising platform) and integrated with Salesforce using Zapier (an API tool). This allows for beautiful mobile optimised donation landing pages, with data flowing directly into donation, campaign and contact records in our Salesforce org.

The cost of doing this? Well you can actually do it for free if you are a small charity with 10 free user licences donated by Salesforce.org. Raisely is free to use and you can start with a Zapier free plan to being with - this allows 5 Single-step Zaps, 15 min Update Time and 100 Tasks a month. 

At St Kilda Mums we use the Professional Plan - $49 USD per month.

In 2020 we updated the documentation for the NPSP and simplified it into 4 easy steps, so that you can follow along, and build this integration for yourself.

Step 1. Set up Raisely to collect online donations

Step 2. Create a custom object in Salesforce

Step 3. Set up Zapier Integration

Step 4. Prepare the Opportunity Object for the Flow

Step 5. How to Build a Flow to Process Data 

If you have any suggestions or feedback please get in touch!