FoodLab Sydney

FoodLab Sydney is a not-for-profit kitchen incubator that supports food entrepreneurs from high-barrier backgrounds to grow and formalise their food businesses. We do this by providing affordable kitchen space, technical assistance, mentoring and sales opportunities.


FoodLab Sydney managed their operations manually, with data scattered across multiple spreadsheets. This inefficiency hindered their ability to track progress with food entrepreneurs.

The organisation struggled to gain a comprehensive view of the entrepreneurs, mentors, volunteers and donors within their contacts. This limited their capacity to track the technical assistance they provided, manage applications and monitor email communications.

Duplicate record creation was a recurring issue, leading to data inconsistencies and potential errors in managing relationships with entrepreneurs and sponsors.


Blaze Your Trail implemented the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), with Common Unite Web forms hosted on Experience Cloud. This makes it easier for potential entrepreneurs, clients and volunteers to provide essential information that is then seamlessly integrated into the database. Duplicate rules were applied to avoid duplicate data creation.

Consent to market is tracked from the web forms and automatically adds subscribers to Mailchimp. This ensures genuine consent for marketing communications.

A custom object to track Technical Assistance was created. Salesforce will be used for managing technical assistance provided by an individual and the service received by an entrepreneur's organisation.


Efficient Operations 
FoodLab now operates with a reliable Salesforce system that simplifies relationship management with volunteers, mentors, entrepreneurs and stakeholders. This eliminates the need for multiple Excel spreadsheets, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Data Consolidation
All contacts are now easily accessible in a single location within Salesforce. Additionally, Einstein Activity Capture synchronises emails and meetings from Gmail into Salesforce seamlessly. This centralised data management approach positions FoodLab for growth.

Better support for entrepreneurs
By partnering with Blaze Your Trail and embracing Salesforce, FoodLab Sydney has transformed its operations, enabling them to better support food entrepreneurs from high-barrier backgrounds as they formalise their businesses. The newfound efficiency and data-driven insights are propelling FoodLab toward a future of continued growth and success.

In their own words

It has been wonderfully helpful - means I can sleep better at night knowing everything is organised. I have also learned that, for better usability and reporting requirements, that most things should be kept on Salesforce if possible. It has changed the way I think about our own systems.

Jamie Loveday
Managing Director

FoodLab Sydney

You can view and print the FoodLab Case Study here.

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