Blaze Your Trail Impact Report for 2023

It's a pleasure to share the amazing strides Blaze Your Trail has made over the past year.

We've been able to make a direct impact on five United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) - a feat we're incredibly proud of.

We offered free training sessions to 201 job seekers who, in return, volunteered a whopping 24,590 hours for a variety of charities. Despite the job cuts in big tech, 46 of these job seekers found employment.

We didn't stop there. We also offered discounted and pro-bono consulting services, primarily in education and conservation, to 32 charities. We also hosted thrice-weekly Ask Us Anything sessions, benefiting 70 employees across 36 organisations.

Our team has grown to 11 dedicated members, 8 of whom joined by starting as job seekers in our work experience program. Our customers are happy too, giving us a near-perfect 4.9-star CSAT rating.

In all, we supported 47 charities, trained 70 employees and 201 volunteers, and helped 46 job seekers get tech jobs. We also provided over a million dollars in pro-bono services.

Three years ago, I started Blaze Your Trail with an ambitious dream. Today, I'm proud of our team and the impact we're making. It's a joy to run a business that empowers charities and makes a real difference. Thank you for helping us to do good, together.

Jessica Macpherson OAM, Founder of Blaze Your Trail

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