Christine Chibvongodze

Christine Chibvongodze achieved a Bachelor's degree in Development Studies from the University of South Africa in 2022. Post-graduation, she gained a Salesforce Scholarship where she earned two certifications.

Joining Blaze Your Trail in June 2023, she had 249 badges from Trailhead, a Salesforce Certified Administrator certification and was a Salesforce Certified Associate.

When she joined us Christine’s 3 - 5 year goal was to obtain more certifications, aiming for the role of Consultant, with a special focus on Non-Profit.

Christine's reasons for volunteering included gaining practical experience, exposure to real clients and customers, connecting with other Trailblazers, and addressing portfolio challenges.

Beyond her professional aspirations, she enjoys travelling, watching movies, jogging, and training. This week, she was offered a role as a Business Analyst at Pinotage Advisory. We are proud of you, Christine! Congratulations!

Christine says “It helped me in so many ways, I got to meet new people and work with amazing people. I learnt a lot about Salesforce, things I had no knowledge on.”

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