Carol Eve Saint-Amour

Carol Eve Saint-Amour defines herself as an Admin and Artist. She is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, with a Bachelor's degree in Dance. Carol has been working in tech with a focus on customer communications, social media management, while still pursuing her passion as an aerial artist.

In October 2022, Carol joined Blaze Your Trail, with 113 badges on Trailhead and as Salesforce Certified Administrator. Since then, Carol has dedicated 350 hours to volunteering for various charities, most recently leading the Thread Together team. During this time Carol earned her Salesforce Business Analyst and Associate Certifications as well as completing 10 Trailhead Superbadges and she now ranks as a Triple Star Ranger.

Carol aspires to become a Project Manager, combining her confidence in leading and her dedication to achieving organiSational goals through effective planning and execution.

Outside of work, Carol finds joy in the outdoors with hiking in the scenic trails of California.

We are delighted to share that Carol Eve has started a new position as an Operations Analyst at Los Angeles Film School. We congratulate her on her success and wish her all the best in this new role!

Carol says: “Blaze Your Trail made it possible for someone like me, who had a certification but no previous experience, to grow into the role of a Salesforce Admin. Through attending classes every morning, I observed and collaborated on a number of projects working with real clients. I found ways to speak up and contribute to the solutions as well as take notes on what I needed to research further. It was easy to connect to other volunteers that were happy to share their knowledge. The staff at Blaze Your Trail made it comfortable to ask questions and provide guidance. This is a unique program that allowed me to walk in as a beginner admin with no technical background, and leave as a confident and experienced leader ready for new goals and challenges.”
Carol Eve Saint-Amour
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