Blaze Your Trail and MTX Group join forces

Blaze Your Trail is delighted to announce a new partnership to support migrant job-seekers into the workforce with MTX Group Inc. (MTX), a premier global technology consulting firm.

Blaze Your Trail provides trainees real-world work experience and mentorship working on technology implementation projects for not-for-profit organisations. As Blaze Your Trail’s first Talent Partner, MTX will contribute training resources and expertise while providing an employment pathway for participants.

Ben Papps, MTX Australia CEO, said:
“Technology not only provides opportunities for improved services andcommunity engagement but also a whole range of new employmentpathways for people across the spectrum of society. MTX is rapidly expandingin Australia, delivering public and private sector projects that benefit thecommunities it works in locally and worldwide. Investing in new skills is fundamental for us to support our ambitions. We strongly believe that adiverse workforce provides us with an edge in quality, creativity and innovation,and we’re proud to partner with Blaze Your Trail to help identify, train andmentor new talent and leadership from communities that we know have somuch to offer.”

Jessica Macpherson, Blaze Your Trail founder, said:
“At Blaze Your Trail, we believe that everyone should benefit from thetransformative power of technology. Participants in our program areaccessing new employment opportunities and helping to digitise the for-purpose sector along the way. We’re delighted to work with MTX as our firstTalent Partner to provide accelerated employment pathways for migrantAustralians and help enhance the digital capabilities of smaller charities thatthat may not have sufficient resources to keep pace with rapid change.”An initial project with MTX will see Blaze Your Trail candidates work with One Ball, a Melbourne-based community program for children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The MTX-sponsored pro bono project will train on technology design concepts and implement Salesforce-based registration, scheduling and volunteer management systems for One Ball’s community soccer activities to modernise administration and help demonstrate impact in improving the health of young people.

Kamal Ibrahim, One Ball founder, said:

“One Ball is committed to supporting children and young people with both their  physical and mental health. We want our program to be accessible by every child and young person - regardless of their circumstances. Working with Blaze Your Trail and MTX will ensure we have the right systems and processes in place to be able to connect with more families, scale our program and focus our attention on
achieving positive outcomes for Australia's children and young people.”

Migrants from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds face many barriers to participation in the Australian workforce, particularly women returning to work after a period of time caring for their families. They struggle to find a job commensurate with their qualifications, experience and skillset, with lack of local experience often cited as an obstacle.

One in four permanent skilled migrants work in a job beneath their skill level in
Australia; a skill underutilisation estimated to cost the national economy at least $1.25 billion.(1)

MTX is rapidly expanding in Australia, supporting public and private sector
technology programs that deliver health, happiness and economic benefits to the
community. The company has a solid commitment to investing in the communities it serves while supporting skills, training and new job creation.

About MTX Group

MTX Group Inc. is a global technology consulting firm powered by the Maverick
Quantum (mavQ) Artificial Intelligence platform that enables organisations to
modernise through digital transformation and strategy. With data as the new
currency, MTX helps organisations transform their long-term strategy with outcomes in mind around happiness, health, and economy. MTX improves decision-making for organisations with speed and quality by leveraging the mavQ AI platform and partnering with other leading cloud technologies such as Salesforce, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). For more information on MTX Group:

About One Ball

One Ball is a community program designed for children and young adults aged
between (5-17 years of age). The program provides opportunities to all people,
especially those from CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) backgrounds across
Melbourne to play soccer in a social setting. For more information on One Ball:

● Tim Marshall: 0400 005 373
● Jessica Macpherson: 0437 476 750
● Kamal Ibrahim: 0411 122 814

(1) Billion-dollar hit: The barriers skilled migrants face in finding jobs at their full capacity, and the economic
cost, Prabha Bogoda Arachchige May 2021

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