A Blazing Start to MTX’s Partnership with Blaze Your Trail

Author: Mandi Gregory, Manager, People Operations & Growth, MTX Australia

Getting a Start on the Pathway to Meaningful Work

At MTX, we have a passion for investing in our communities and creating new, meaningful jobs worldwide. In September, MTX announced our partnership with Blaze Your Trail, a social enterprise that creates employment pathways for people from migrant communities struggling for opportunity. We’ve been working together to support job-seekers with training, mentorship and a welcome place in the MTX family. 

Just two months since our announcement, we are delighted that two wonderful and experienced women have found a pathway back to meaningful work with MTX. We are so proud to welcome Radhika Kosaraju and Sandeepa Epuri, our first two family members from the Blaze Your Trail volunteer program. Their stories embody resilience, persistence and hard work, and highlight the wealth of talent in our communities just needing a start. 

By partnering with Blaze Your Trail, MTX is proud to be making such a positive impact, creating outcomes surrounding happiness, health, and economics within the communities we serve worldwide.

Meet Radhika Kosaraju and Sandeepa Epuri

Out of the workforce for a decade, Radhika Kosaraju and Sandeepa Epuri joined the Blaze Your Trail volunteer program to gain new experience and a start towards employment in their adoptive country. After struggling for work and even volunteering positions in the United States, Blaze Your Trail supported these two highly qualified and experienced mothers on a new pathway to secure meaningful work, while providing for their families.

Prior to joining the Blaze Your Trail program, Radhika and Sandeepa had both retrained with Trailhead and were certified in Salesforce. The program helped Radhika and Sandeepa take their skills to the next level through real-world experience, mentorship and leadership opportunities as they worked on pro bono implementation projects for not-for-profit organizations supported by MTX.

Today, MTX Technical Consultants Radhika Kosaraju and Sandeepa Epuri, are working as part of the MTX family as our first two permanent hires from Blaze Your Trail. 

Radhika Kosaraju, based in New Jersey, spoke of her experience:

Sandeepa Epuri, based in Houston, Texas, said:

MTX Vice President of Managed Services, Luke Slevin said, “We are excited to have Radhika and Sandeepa join the Managed Services team, bringing a diverse background to provide value to our clients.”

Blaze Your Trail and MTX Influence

Migrants from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds face many barriers to participation in the workforce, particularly women returning to work after a period of time caring for their families. They often struggle to find a job commensurate with their qualifications, experience and skill set, with lack of local experience often cited as an obstacle.

Through our work with Blaze Your Trail, we hope to provide fresh experience, skills training and mentorship that helps break the cycle and provides new pathways to meaningful work and careers. 

Blaze Your Trail Founder Jessica Macpherson said, “There is such a wealth of experienced talent in our communities just needing a start to set them on the pathway to meaningful work and a career in tech in their adopted country. I am so proud of Radhika and Sandeepa, who showed such enthusiasm and leadership in their volunteer work with Blaze Your Trail. They are both highly qualified, skilled and experienced and I am delighted that they now have the opportunity to shine as part of the MTX family.”  

Ambition for the Future

As Blaze Your Trail’s first Talent Partner, MTX is thrilled to be providing training resources and mentorship while providing an employment pathway for graduates. Radhika and Sandeepa are just the start of our ongoing partnership with Blaze Your Trail to help give support to the many talented people in our communities just needing a start on the pathway to meaningful work. We look to the future with excitement of welcoming more Blaze Your Trail graduates to the MTX family. 

Learn more about the Blaze Your Trail program here.

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