Step 3. Set up Zapier Integration

Zapier is an integration tool and can be used to integrate Raisely with Salesforce. You will need the Professional plan ($25 AUD per month with a 20% discount if you pay annually) to use Premium Apps. You can see the plans here

Please note that this is the ONLY cost of this Integration.

Start with a free trial and login to Zapier.

Create a Zap    

Click on​ Make a Zap ​button. Give a name to the Zap – we suggest Raisely to Salesforce.  

  1. When this Happens > Choose App and Event. As Raisely does not have a built in Zapier app, we need to use webhooks to get Raisely data into Zapier. Search for Webhooks by Zapier.Create a Web Hook Screenshot

Under Choose App & Event, search for Webhooks by Zapier (Premium) in Choose App and select it.

For Choose An Event, select Catch Hook. Click on Continue and enter “data” in the next screen where it says “Pick off a child key”.

Enter Data in Pick a Child Key

We will be using Raisely fields that have the prefix data.

Click on the Continue button and Zapier will give you a custom webhook URL to send a request to.

Test your Trigger ScreenShot

Copy the webhook URL and go back to the Raisely admin panel.

Under Campaign >​ Settings > API & Webhooks click Add Webhooks and paste the webhook URL here, under events select ​donation.succeeded, donation.created, and subscription.failing.


donation.created event is fired when a donation is created and ready to be charged, or when an offline donation is added. 

donation.succeeded event is fired when an online donation is successfully charged. There's no guarantee this is sent after the donation.created event.

Subscription.failing event fired when an online donation as part of a subscription has failed.

We only bring these three events into Zapier from Raisely

Add the webhook URL to the Raisely admin panel screenshot

Create a test offline donation in Raisely.

Back over to Zapier, click ​Test Trigger. Now Zapier will wait to receive a sample donation from Raisely. 

It might take a minute or two to come through with this message "We found a request”.

The screen will look like this:

Screenshot of a successful test donation from Raisely in Zapier

Click on Continue.

Now we will connect Zapier to Salesforce

Choose Do this, Choose App & Event:

Under Choose App & Event, search for Salesforce (Legacy)  App and in Choose Event,  select Create Custom Object. The screen will look like this:

Screenshot of step 2 Zap

Click on Continue. If you are not logged in to your Salesforce account, then it will ask to login in. After login, come back to this window and click on Continue.

Then we Customize the Custom Object:

In this step we will map the fields from Raisely to Salesforce.

Choose the custom object Get Raisely Data that you created earlier in Salesforce and start mapping the fields. 

The screen will look as below:

 Map Fields

This screenshot above is not a complete list - these are the essential fields to include and map to Salesforce

Mapping fields in Zapier from Raisely to Salesforce

Click on Continue.

Send Data to Salesforce

At this point all the data pulled by Zapier hook is mapped to the appropriate Salesforce object and fields.

Click on Test & Continue. Please wait for a few seconds. The test will be marked as successful. The screen will look like this:


Now click on Done Editing. Click on the toggle button on Top right corner and turn the Zap on. The screen will look like this.

Turn on Zap

Check Donations in Salesforce

Make some offline and online test donations in Raisely. The online test donations can be done by clicking on the LIVE SITE link (highlighted in Red) on your Raisely campaign. 

campaign menu

You can use the Test Stripe card to make the donation. Once you make the donation, check the details in the new custom object (Get Raisely Data) in Salesforce. 

Process a Test Donation

To test a successful transaction, use the card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 and any future expiration date and 3-digit CVC. To perform more complex testing, including testing error messages and failed transactions, you can use different card numbers and amounts. Read more...

When you test the online donations, please remember the the donation.created event from the webhook in Raisely campaign settings may send both events: donation.created and donation.succeeded. You will end up with two records on the Raisely object in Salesforce - but don't worry the flow we will create will not create two dondation (Opportunity) records.

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