Some tips for your Donation Landing Page

So excited to learn how to prefill donation landing pages with Raisely - just in time for June giving. If you would like to learn how to do this too please read on....

The less information a supporter or donor needs to enter, the more likely they are to fill out your form.

Raisely Donation Form

If you already have information about your supporters, you can create unique links that pre-fill information (like the supporters' names and email addresses) in Raisely signup and donation forms.

Some dos and don'ts - don't ask for anything you don't need to process the donation. Don't ask for addresses, birthdays, or the dreaded "how did you hear about us".

Do ask for a mobile number (but don't make it required). I like to phone and thank donors in person and a phone number is helpful if they misspell their email address and the receipt bounces.

Do seek consent for newsletter sign up. Make sure a link to your privacy policy is visible. Do give your donor the chance to leave a special message also.

Do give your donor the opportunity to give anonymously.

Use images and descriptions with different "dollar handles" so that your donor gets a good understanding of what difference their donation will make.

Make sure your donation landing page is mobile optimised. Australians are VERY generous - so make the most of this by making giving online effortless.

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