Setting up an Amazon Connect Softphone

So the best thing that happened last month is that we worked out how to use Amazon Connect software with our Salesforce org - and set up SSO. We only discovered that this was possible thanks to 2 projects on Trailhead.

The documentation from Amazon, Salesforce and Trailhead was slightly confusing and contradictory, but we persisted, and after about 20 hours of effort my IT team was able to make it work. We used the softphone for our annual giving day on 17th June with a 100% strike rate. Every call in and out resulted on a financial donation.

To be fair we were only calling people who had made a financial donation in the past 2 years, but whether we spoke to them, or left a message, or sent an email or SMS link to donate, they all gave. Best of all - this activity was tracked on the contact record and when someone dialled, in the contact record opened up automatically for the person who accepted the call.

For a small charity with an IT team of 1.3 FTE this is pretty amazing technology and we love the way that Trailhead makes enterprise grade software and solutions accessible to all. Our bill from Amazon the June? 21 cents. True story.


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