Phone Trigger for NPC


Due to the increased integrations available in Salesforce, proper formatting of phone numbers is more important than ever. This allows us to utilise dialling functionality directly from the record view.

Messaging and phone call integrations like Twilio and Amazon Connect rely on this.

Updating hundreds or thousands of records to the correct phone number formatting is an enormous job. An APEX code phone trigger offers a great solution for updating the phone fields of existing and all Account, Lead and Contact records.  

Using this solution automatically changes Australian phone numbers to +61 formatting (replacing the zero (0) for landlines and mobile phone numbers). 1300, 1800 and six digit 13 numbers are not formatted for +61 with this solution, but they are corrected to a more legible format for a better user experience.

In June 2022, Blaze Your Trail volunteer Cameron Donnelly solved this for the NPSP. You can visit the Blaze Your Trail GitHub to access the code and download the instructions here.

In April 2024, Blaze Your Trail volunteer Manasa Korkanti created the solution for NPC. Here is her guideand here is the GitHub code.


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