LIGHTNING AT LAST: Automated Solutions for Lightning Templates with Merge Field


May 2023

Written by G. BEN FRED

for the Blaze Your Trail community

and other Trailblazers in the Salesforce ecosystem


One can appreciate the magnitude of Salesforce’s development over the roughly two-and-a-half decades since its founding by noting the vestiges that are still hanging on, at least for now. Among the most notable changes is the shift from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. Although Classic still has a few nifty features, Lightning equivalents offer sleek solutions to business problems that are as easy to build as they are easy on the eyes. Some tools, like email templates, remain popular as both Classic and Lightning features. However, both template types come with some limitations. Fortunately, in addition to Mailchimp® and other email services on the AppExchange, unmanaged apps are available which can alleviate some of the template troubles, particularly for modest-sized organizations and smaller mass email jobs. This document will outline a scenario – sending multi-lingual birthday greetings to contacts – and solutions for using either Classic or Lightning templates in the flow.

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