It's Tax Statement Time!

It's nearly the end of the financial year, which means over in charity land we are preparing to send out Tax Statements.

This is technically very difficult to do - particularly if you are a small charity - like about 95% of Australian charities....

There is no built in solution in Salesforce for this - you will need an app from the Salesforce App Exchange.

Conga is the shiz BUT its very expensive and out of reach for most small charities so what are the low cost alternatives?

S-docs is free to use - but you can only have 2 templates on this free plan. Perfect for small charities:

1. One is your tax receipt and thank you letter for those donors who give offline (EFT, Cheque and Cash) and don't have email (yes some people don't) or who specifically ask for a printed PDF to be posted to them.

2. The second is your Tax Statements.

Its tricky to get your logo into the template and involves jumping back into Classic (I know!) so here is a simple guide prepared by MTX guru Louis Tran.

How to add an image to sdocs template


Another option I love is Drive Connect - this is a paid app and I think super value with a great discount for charities (about $16 USD per user per month).

PDF Butler is another that I have not tested widely.

What is your favourite? Please let me know in the comments!



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