Integrating Raisely with Salesforce.

Are you a charity leader who would love to have an alert the moment one of your supporters made a major gift so that you could call and thank them immediately?

Would you like to have all your donations flowing directly into Salesforce in real time?

Would you like to never have to upload donations from a csv file again?

Me too!

Back in 2018 we first set up a fundraising page for a charity on Raisely and integrated with Salesforce using Zapier. Raisely makes it possible to build beautiful, mobile-optimised donation landing pages. 

This solution meant that donation data flowed directly into Salesforce, creating or updating donation opportunity, campaign, account and contact records.

The cost of doing this? Time is the main investment you need to make. Either your own if you have the skills, or you need to pay a consultant (like us) or a subscription service that can do it for you.

The first time we built this it took our volunteers about 6 weeks. The first time Jessica built it herself (back in 2020) it took more than 40 hours....

We recently updated the documentation and simplified it into 5 easy steps, so that you can follow along, and build this integration for yourself. Here is the link to the Documentation. 

If you do not have the time or the skills to do this in house we are here to help you. These days we are more often than not recommending a subscription service called MoveData.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback please get in touch!

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