How to relate multiple contacts to an event and report on the activity

You can enable shared activities in your org, so that you can relate up to 50 contacts to an event or a task.

Considerations for Enabling Shared Activities

This is really useful for tracking meeting attendees.

Meeting records

We want to report how many hours of training each volunteer has participated in.

Add a custom field on the activity object called Duration in Hours (as event times are displayed in minutes).

This formula for this is ROUND(DurationInMinutes/60,1).

Then create a new Custom Report Type for Contact and Activities. 

Check that the new custom field is available on the Custom Report Type and then created the report with the volunteer names in the rows, and the event dates in columns. Then group the events by calendar year.

Here is the final report.

Final Report

It provides a quick overview of the volunteer’s engagement which is really helpful when speaking to a prospective employer about their skills and participation in the program.

We have hidden the record counts but these allow me to say that Volunteer Name contributed X hours of volunteering over Y occasions. 

We can also use this report to calculate the hours that we spend speaking with clients, doing free initial consultations or providing reference checks.

More information here.

Thanks to Shanthi Sankaranarayanan for coming up with this solution.

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