Best Practice Donation Forms

Here are our 8 top tips for optimising your Donation Form 

  1. Provide images, descriptions and meaningful dollar handles that make sense to your organisation and to your supporter.
  2. Offer recurring donation options - weekly, monthly and/or yearly.
  3. Allow people to make a donation in the name of a business or organisation - this prevents contact records being created with "Jim's Mobile" in the First Name field and "Mowing Service" in the Last Name field in your database.
  4. Offer mobile phone but do not make it required.
  5. Do not ask for address (it's an online form and this is 2022) but maybe ask for State if you need to segment this way for events and the like.
  6. Tracking consent to fundraising communications - and honour this.
  7. Ensure that your Privacy Policy clearly visible at point of sign up in the same field of vision. Hidden down in the footer does not cut it.
  8. Do not ask "How did you hear about us" That is what UTM codes are for.

In this example below the Privacy Policy link sits within the Donation Form. This form is hosted on Raisely, and has been customised to collect Business Name with Conditional Logic, mobile phone (not required) and Newsletter Sign Up (Opt Out is permitted). St Kilda Mums custom font has been added to the CCS. 

Blaze Your Trail offers services to help you build and customise your own forms, connect Raisely to Salesforce using MoveData, so please get in touch if your forms need some TLC. 

St Kilda Mums Donation Form

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