Australians Investing in Women

Australians Investing in Women (AIIW) is a leading national NFP advocate for gender-wise philanthropy. Building on progress towards gender equity, they take an evidence-based approach and work in partnership with philanthropic, corporate and community leaders to strengthen society by catalysing investment in women and girls.


With no single source of truth, and with ambitions to grow, this small and busy hybrid team was seeking a secure and seamless solution to integrate and track data from their expanding email database, event CRM, new business leads and important meeting outcomes.


Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP) was implemented, and AIIW’s data migrated from a legacy CRM.

Humanitix and Campaign Monitor were both integrated so that data from event and webinar ticket sales, with communications preferences, would flow to and from Salesforce in real time.

All donations received can now be logged in Salesforce and related to the Campaign activity that solicited the donation.

A web-to-lead form for general enquiries was added to AIIW’s WordPress website, so that leads can be grouped and acknowledged quickly.


Seamless Integration

The changes have accelerated the organisation’s guest-list administration and invitation processes, unlocking the full potential of their campaigns by organising and tracking their event and marketing efforts.

Efficiency in managing contacts and communication

The Salesforce Outlook integration now assists the team to enter contact and meeting information more quickly and, having the visibility of Salesforce records within their email inboxes, saves them all significant time.

Efficient tracking

The new integrated system also supports the team to track multiple event engagements and deliverables. This function is especially beneficial for managing database contacts across multiple activities.

In their own words

Thank you Jess and team for your support, attention, and tailored solutions. We are thrilled to be part of the NFP Salesforce tribe and we are already enjoying the data integration benefits.

Julie Reilly

Australians Investing in Women

You can view and print the Australians Investing in Women Case Study here.

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