Vishnu Priya

This is the story of my journey with Blaze Your Trail, which helped me secure a job in the Salesforce ecosystem.

I heard about St Kilda Mums in a user group meeting. I am amazed by their work and support they provide to community. I am migrant and was looking to gain some local experience in Salesforce and joined St Kilda Mums in 2019. St Kilda Mums helped me a lot to learn, upskill and gain local experience.

I’m really inspired by Jessica, who continuously strives to increase diversity and inclusion, and helps many non-profit organisations with Salesforce implementation in addition to the great work she does for St Kilda Mums.

I volunteered for organisation called Ready Set through St Kilda Mums. I worked on customising their Salesforce instance and worked on intricate operational things. I got a chance to directly interact with clients, automate business process and cracked open so many possibilities.

This work helped me gain confidence, upskill myself, build connections with various people with similar aspirations and helped me secure a contract as Salesforce Admin/Developer at Bushfire Recovery Victoria during the pandemic.

I am really grateful to St Kilda Mums and Jessica for all the immense support and providing me endless opportunities to grow. The new initiative called ‘Volunteer of the week’ by St Kilda Mums, helped me gain recognition in the community and build connections, and optimised my chance of securing a role in Salesforce.

Thanks for all the overwhelming support you provide to volunteers by connecting them to non-profit organisations - making positive impact for both - and helping many individuals land their dream job.

Vishnu Priya

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