Subasree Sridharan

Subasree Sridharan has a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering. After graduating in 2009 she worked as a software engineer for a leading IT firm in India.

After Subasree married and moved to Melbourne she became a homemaker and mum, volunteering at her children’s kindergarten to make connections in her adopted community.

When Subasree signed up with Blaze Your Trail in May 2022 she told Jessica that her 3 - 5 year goal was to get her first job in Australia  and thrive well in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Subasree had been studying Salesforce for less than a year, but her background meant that she really “got it” and she did some great volunteer work for several small charities during her time at Blaze.

In July 2022 Subasree started a role as a Junior Salesforce Administrator with the McGrath Foundation

Subasree said: “I really had a very good exposure in volunteering for the projects in Blaze your Trail. It has helped me to enhance my learning experience and has given me the confidence to take up job interviews. My special thanks to Jessica Macpherson who has helped me by giving me this wonderful opportunity.” 

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