Purnima Chandrasekar

After moving to Australia in 2018,Purnima Chandrasekar had some time off to welcome her daughter and was out of the workforce for 3 years.

Purnima has a Masters degree from Anna University, Majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering. She graduated in 2014.

After University Purnima worked for BICS Global,  a technology company based in Chennai India as a Business Analyst. 

Whilst she was there she worked on Salesforce Implementations and data migration for a Solar Company start up. She cleaned up over 25,000 records in excel, in preparation for upload in the new organisation as leads. She also set up all the duplicate management rules and supported 15 users. She also worked on a couple of Salesforce Integrations.

When she joined Blaze Your Trail in October she had the goal of becoming a Salesforce Business Analyst or Consultant.

Purnima shares two interests with me - we both love to crochet and grow indoor plants. But most of the time she is busy looking after a busy preschooler. 

This week Purnima was offered a job at Service Victoria as a Salesforce Business Analyst. 

She said “Blaze Your Trail gave me the necessary work experience and the interactions to increase my confidence. I am very happy to get a job where I can use my Salesforce skills. Anyone who is aspiring to become a Salesforce professional can definitely benefit from the opportunities/encouragement in Blaze Your Trail. I will continue to give back to the community by collaborating with Jessica & the team ”

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