Neelima Srungarapu

This is Neelima Srungarapu, a 2007 graduate from MVGR College of Engineering. She and her husband arrived arrived in Australia in 2013 with a 457 Visa, moving about a lot as her husband worked as a contractor.

After more than 10 years of here, they became citizens. During the lockdown joined Generation Australia Bootcamp on a friend's recommendation to learn Salesforce.

When she joined Blaze Your Trail in January 2023, Neelima already had 3 certifications but she was not able to win a job as she had no work experience.

Neelima contributed an incredible 871 hours volunteering to gain hands-on experience and expand her knowledge.

Excitingly, Neelima has recently been selected for Capgemini’s relaunch program for women and they offered a role as a Senior Salesforce Consultant. Congratulations, Neelima! Your dedication and hard work paid off! You truly deserve it!

Neelima says “I am very impressed with the training and learning opportunities provided by Blaze Your Trail. The organised and thorough training programs show a commitment to supporting continuous development among volunteers. The hands-on experience I gained from working on the Thread Together pro bono project is invaluable."

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