Nabeel Jaffery

Nabeel Jaffery has an MBA and a degree in Computer Engineering.

He grew up in Pakistan, playing in the streets of his neighbourhood. But when he married and started his family things changed. “I wanted the best for my family and decided to move abroad." Nabeel and his wife moved to Australia.

Despite his education, experience and qualifications his starting salary in Australia 5 years ago was just above the minimum wage. 

After 9 months as an Education and Career Advisor, he moved into a role as Team Leader of Student Connect at Melbourne Polytechnic. 

During his time there Nabeel managed the transition to Salesforce - implementing initial project requirements, process mappings, user acceptance testing, employee training and change management.

In early 2020 the polytechnic took 3,000 enrolments online in response to COVID-19 in just the first quarter – Nabeel’s work could not have been more timely.
When Nabeel joined Blaze Your Trail in May 2021, he already had Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce App Builder certifications, but needed some more experience.

He told Jessica that he would love a role as a consultant. He had been trying to get into a firm but was finding it difficult to land the role he wanted. 

In January 2022 Nabeel joined the MTX Australia team as a Business Analyst.

He loves learning, singing and soccer. He is a big Chelsea Football Club and cricket fan. He enjoys travelling and exploring Victoria with his wife and three children.

Nabeel says "Joining MTX as a Business Analyst is a significant milestone in my career. I hope this is the beginning of a new journey, which I have awaited for so patiently. I want to look back at this time and say to myself that is when it all started”.


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