Muhammad Zamil Shafique

Muhammad Zamil Shafique, is a 2022 graduate from Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT). Proficient in Python, Java, HTML, and CSS, he completed his degree online during the COVID pandemic.

Muhammad joined Blaze Your Trail in January 2023, and contributed 126 hours to charities like Hope Reins. Married last year and awaiting the arrival of his wife (who is also learning Salesforce) to Australia, Muhammad Zamil enjoys hanging out with friends, bowling, programming, movies and books.

Muhammad was recently offered a role as a Database Administrator at ALTEC College. Congratulations and we wish you all the best, Muhammad!

Muhammad says “I would say that volunteering with Blaze Your Trail was an amazing journey. I joined after finishing my Degree. I gained valuable experience and confidence. The hands-on experience provided an invaluable application of theoretical knowledge, enhancing my professional development. I have established connections with fellow volunteers. I greatly appreciate the morning class sessions, client meetings, team meetings, and involvement in a project that gives me industry experience. The morning classes serve as a constructive start, equipping me with knowledge and skills for ongoing development.”
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