Megan Douglas

Jessica first met Megan Douglas more than 10 years ago when she sold me a Thermomix in Australia! The pair kept in touch as local mums, until Megan contacted Jessica in October 2020 to say she was interested in learning Salesforce, asking if she could join Blaze Your Trail. Jessica was delighted to welcome her to the team!

Megan has a Masters degree in Japanese, and had been working for the US State Department at the Melbourne Consulate for the previous 6 years.

The US State Department uses Salesforce, and as a user, she was responsible for organising events, running reports, tracking important activity, and training other users. Megan was therefore very familiar with many Salesforce objects and business processes - but she had never seen “behind the scenes”. Her role was Protocol Officer and Salesforce CRM Manager, but because of the need for security, she had no System Administration access - this is all done in the USA. 

Megan joined our team at Blaze Your Trail to gain real world experience and to learn about the very important role of the Salesforce Administrator. 

The very week Megan updated her LinkedIn profile with her experience at Blaze Your Trail she started being contacted by recruiters and employers.

But she was looking for a role with purpose, and was delighted to accept a part-time role as Salesforce Administrator Support with Breast Cancer Network Australia in December 2022 - just 2 short months after joining.

Here is what Megan had to say about her time with us:

“Volunteering at Blaze Your Trail provides a multitude of benefits for the volunteer. It introduces you to real-life Salesforce situations, problems and NFPs. Being able to add this experience to your CV and LinkedIn profile is extremely valuable and makes a world of difference in building confidence and success in interviews. On top of that, it brings you together with a like minded tribe who are always willing to give you a hand. The opportunity to help small NFPs just tops off the experience.” 

Megan is now studying for her Salesforce Administrator certification, and is looking forward to an amazing career that allows her to balance time with her three kids while they finish school and help charities have even greater impact.

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