Lavanya Garimella

Lavanya Garimella, a 2004 graduate from the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, worked as a functional consultant for SAP before taking time off to raise her kids. Lavanya found her way back to the workforce after a break, focusing on learning Salesforce. 

Certified Salesforce Admin, she progressed to volunteering for nonprofits like Acta Non-Verba in Oakland, CA, and Beyond Zero Emission in Melbourne, Australia. 

Joining Blaze Your Trail on August 2023, Lavanya dedicated 70 hours to volunteering for various charities. 

This week, Lavanya got accepted to her new role as a Salesforce & Data Coordinator at The Marfan Foundation. Congratulations, Lavanya! We are so proud of you! 

Lavanya says “Blaze Your Trail has great mentors. They gave me an opportunity to understand and learn the different business processes. It was a great experience collaborating with them and learning Salesforce.” this 

Inspired by her journey, Lavanya now helps moms like her prepare for their Salesforce Admin certification.

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