Lakshmi Prabha RS

This is lakshmi prabha subramanian. Lakshmi has a Masters in Computer Applications, but after marrying and moving to Australia in 2018, she faced restrictions in joining the workforce.

After welcoming her child in 2020, Lakshmi Prabha discovered Salesforce. Since joining Blaze Your Trail as a volunteer in February 2023, Lakshmi has contributed more than 700 hours volunteering for small and mighty charities in our pro bono program.

Lakshmi's interests range from cooking to sports, but her favourite thing is caring for her active four-year-old.

Lakshmi says “Volunteering with Blaze Your Trail was inspiring towards my growth of perspective and skills. Working among passionate teammates, who were always committed to empowering others, took my communication skills a notch higher, together with an increased sense of empathy. The collaboration environment is focused on working as a team and, at the same time, effectively contributing to the general goals. Every week at Blaze Your Trail has been full of new discoveries about the world of Nonprofits and Salesforce in general. The project work and the chance to explore new ideas make it even more exciting. Overall, my time with Blaze Your Trail was not just about giving back, but also about personal growth and fostering positive change.”

This month Lakshmi joined Blaze Your Trail as a member of staff, and she has hit the ground running with her brilliant ideas and solutions. Welcome to the team Lakshmi!

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