G. Ben Fred

G. Ben Fred pursued a master’s degree in theatre arts from Switzerland’s Accademia Dimitri, and cherishes a deep passion for the arts, having studied performing arts and physical theatre extensively.

With experience as an editor and translator for the Accademia Dimitri since 2014, project manager and audio engineer for 3 years with Pro Audio Voices and lastly, as an accidental admin for African Parks, G. Ben is well-versed in various roles.

Joining Blaze Your Trail in February 2023, G. Ben already had several Salesforce certifications such as Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Certified Business Analyst, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder. While volunteering with us, G. Ben obtained two additional certifications as a Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant and Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant, and logged an incredible 906 hours volunteering for charities like Moira Kelly Creating Hope FoundationBorneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia, and Ocean Mind Inc.

G. Ben's interests lie in art and technology, and this has also led to a recent role offer as a Salesforce Consultant at fusionSpan. Congratulations, G. Ben! Thank you for all of your contributions and support with Blaze.

G. Ben says: “Outside of academia, it can be difficult to find professional environments in which contributors are encouraged to take risks. What Jessica and the Blaze Your Trail community have provided is a dynamic space that offers the best of both worlds: it is equal parts classroom and laboratory, catering both to newbie Salesforce administrators and more adventurous or experienced developers and consultants.

"When I started with Blaze Your Trail, I was intimidated by flows. By the end, I was proposing, developing, and building complex automation. I learned so much from my colleagues, many of whom have extensive experience in tech, and just as importantly, I began to see how all of us were applying our unique pre-Salesforce backgrounds (in my case: the performing arts) to this new professional endeavour. I would recommend Blaze Your Trail to anyone in the Salesforce ecosystem looking to, as Jessica puts it, use their powers for good.”

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