Arthur Backouche

 is a 26 years old Salesforce Consultant. He is currently working for Skie Solutions in Sydney, Australia.

Arthur graduated from Epitech - European Institute of Technology in 2019 (MCompSci). Arthur has always been interested in new technologies, entrepreneurship and innovation.

In 2019, while studying computer sciences, Arthur released Visibily, a platform to grow followers on Instagram by automating likes and follow/unfollow.

In 2021, he created ColdInbox, a platform to send bulk personalised messages on LinkedIn.

After that, Arthur Backouche joined NextTech Learning, and led a team with the objective of implementing a lead generation funnel and delivering qualified leads to the sales team.

While working for NextTech Learning, Arthur volunteered for Blaze Your Trail.

Arthur is planning to continue his career in the Salesforce ecosystem, and he has a particular interest in Intelligence technologies. 
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