Confidentiality agreement

In consideration of Blaze your Trail agreeing to allow you access to its information in relation to its business and operations do you undertake to Blaze your Trail that, in relation to any business related information, statements (oral or written), specifications, reports, drawings, knowledge, materials, personal information, payroll and other records and documentation or any part thereof ("Information"), disclosed or provided to me by Blaze your Trail in connection with the Project:

(a) I shall treat as confidential all Information which I have already acquired or may hereafter acquire;
(b) I shall take proper and adequate precautions at all times and enforce such precautions to preserve the confidentiality of the Information and take all necessary action to prevent any unauthorised person obtaining access to any of the Information whether by direct or indirect exposure to it or otherwise;
(c) I shall not, without the prior written consent of Blaze your Trail, make copies of or disclose the Information to any person other than employees of Blaze your Trail, where I have received specific written authorisation to do so, and then only as I have been authorised;
(d) I shall not use the Information for any purpose whatsoever other than that for which it was provided by Blaze your Trail to enable me to undertake the Project;
(e) I shall, on the written request of Blaze your Trail or upon completion of the Project, return all the Information (and copies of Information) other than that which is, or has been, disclosed or provided orally; and
(f) I shall obtain no right of any kind to the Information upon its receipt except for the performance of the Project.

The foregoing obligations of confidentiality and non-user shall apply for a period of five (5) years after the date hereof to all the Information, provided that the said obligations shall not in any event apply to:

1. Information which is the public domain prior to the date of this Agreement;
2. Information which becomes public or available to the general public otherwise than through any act or default of mine;
3. Information in respect of which 
Blaze your Trail, in writing, releases me from my obligations under this Agreement;
4. Information which I am by law required to disclose, for example, under the compulsion of a subpoena;
5. Information which is:
(a) already known to me, as evidenced by written records and was not acquired directly or indirectly from 
Blaze your Trail;

(b) at any time lawfully acquired by me from any third party.

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