Welcome Deepa and Kirsten

I am delighted to introduce you to Kirsten Finger and Deepa Subbian, who both joined the Blaze Your Trail team this month.

Kirsten is a Paramedic by training, and is well known for her role in founding Olivia's Place in Warragul. Kirsten is currently working towards her Salesforce Administration Certification, having become an accidental admin (much like myself).

Kisten is hoping that a new career as a remote Salesforce Consultant will enable her to start her year of travel around Australia with husband and 4 kids - just as soon as the borders open up.

Kirsten knows very well all the challenges of starting a charity, serving on a board, delivering a service in a small town, fundraising, and running financial reports for auditors and regulators.

Kirsten said: “I am excited to be part of the Blaze team, helping more for-purpose organisations find a digital solution that helps them focus more on delivering programs and less on managing the paperwork behind it (because the workflows make everything automated!!)”

Deepa Subbian has joined the Blaze team to lend her expertise as both an administrator and a developer, but her special talent is for all things to do with websites. This is a particular interest of hers, and she has taught lots of other people how to secure their web forms.

Deepa has volunteered with me for the last 4 years (welcoming her beautiful baby girl during that time). Most recently she has led the pro bono implementation for Prison Network, a charity that supports women in and beyond prison, providing the support and courage they need to navigate positive pathways and create change in their lives. 

Deepa said “I feel my association with Blaze your Trail provides me a platform to give something back to the community which provides a sense of purpose. I’m also passionate about web forms and I make use of these skills I learnt to help organisations scale up their digital operations.”

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