Top 10 Things Charity CEOs Should Know about Implementing Salesforce

Inspired by my morning chat with Mandy Burns from Variety Victoria, here is my list of Top 10 Things Charity CEOs Should Know about Implementing Salesforce.

  1. It's not a one off project - it’s a new way of thinking and working. You can implement bit-by-bit, as your budget allows. Even if you only use it as a fancy Roladex - it's still much better than excel.
  2. You need to walk the walk. You cannot expect your staff to use something that you don’t.
  3. Digital transformation should be a top level goal in your board-approved strategic plan. 
  4. You need a budget to pay for expert advice. See point 3.
  5. You need to engage a certified Salesforce NPSP Consultant, or have a certified Salesforce Administrator on staff - just because Jane is really great with websites or pivot tables does not mean she can be System Administrator on your new Salesforce Instance
  6. You need to commit to learning - Trailhead is free and easy
  7. You can connect just about anything with Salesforce. It is the powerful platform on which your entire organisation can run. You are only limited by your imagination.
  8. The community is VERY supportive. There are local user groups, forums, free training and loads of resources on YouTube. 
  9. There is an endless supply of volunteers keen to get hands-on experience - which is fine if you know what to ask them to do (and can manage and supervise them). See point 5. 
  10. Salesforce offers 10 donated user licences (worth $25,000 each year) to registered charities. It's an incredible gift. Like a puppy. It will eat your shoes if you do not invest the time and energy it needs.

    Any questions? Ask me! You can book a free 30 minute consultation with me - or ask Wyan Carter - Salesforce Mentor and leader of the local Non Profit User group in Melbourne and a wonderful person.
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