Pivot Point Podcast

Pivot Point is a podcast exploring businesses that have thrived through change. Each month they trying to understand what a winning culture looks like, by interviewing industry leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Founder Rachel Kulavkovski interviewed me shortly after I left my position as CEO at St Kilda Mums to start this new business Blaze Your Trail.

We spoke about how technology enabled growth at St Kilda Mums and we touched upon their training for volunteers, development and rollout of the BabySafe App to ensure consistency with quality control procedures, we spoke about communication planning with such a variety of stakeholder needs, and of course, we spoke about COVID and how St Kilda Mums managed through the early days of the pandemic and how those changes were rolled out across their organisation.

We finish up with the story behind the inception of Blaze Your Trail, and what in hindsight appears to be a natural progression for me to launch this new business, helping many more Australian not-for-profits leverage technology, whilst also providing opportunities for many to obtain their first hands on experience in Australian based technology roles.

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