Grant Awarded by Cooper Investors & MaiTri Foundation

We would like to thank Cooper Investors & MaiTri Foundation for their generous support of our work experience program for the second year in a row. It also allows us to offer 3 hours a week of pro bono advice to small charities via our Ask Us Anything program.

Here is what one of our job seekers wrote about his experience: "By volunteering with Blaze Your Trail, it provided me with some hands-on experience with Salesforce so I have stories to talk about in my interviews. Even with just a short time with Blaze Your Trail, I learned so much practical knowledge about Salesforce and teamwork. It gave me the confidence I need to do well in my interviews. One of the things we did as a group was to implement matching/duplication rule for an org, guess what, that was my very first task at my new role! Thank you for everything!"

Cooper Investors & MaiTri Foundation, like us, believe the best investment any of us can make is in the lives of others. Read more here

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