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In this episode of Executive with a Cause, host Tammy Ven Dange chats with Jessica Macpherson OAM, Founder and CEO of Blaze your Trail.

How did a request for a gift card spark a pursuit of automation, and what did migrant unemployment have to do with implementing digital transformation? In this episode, we hear all about Jessica Macpherson’s digital journey and how technology can support your organisation to achieve more with less.

With a strategic marketing background, Jessica recognised the power of technology to automate and improve business processes at St Kilda Mums. After initially relying on skilled volunteers for digital delivery, Jessica describes her learning journey to becoming more self-sufficient through Salesforce’s free Trailhead learning program. This eventually led her to her current social enterprise, Blaze your Trail.

From this, Jessica explains why organisations should take responsibility for learning the digital basics and continual IT investments to reflect the rapidly evolving landscape. Finally, we tie it together by hearing how NFPs can employ their technology success stories through free-licence opportunities from companies such as Salesforce.

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