Blaze Your Trail wins the Business Category at the 2023 TechDiversity Awards

Blaze Your Trail won the Business Category at the 2023 TechDiversity Awards on the 25th May in Melbourne.

This award recognises businesses that have implemented exceptional diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within their organisation. These companies have demonstrated a commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment and promoting diversity at all levels.

The TechDiversity Awards not only recognise outstanding achievements but also inspire a collective commitment to creating diverse, inclusive, and innovative tech workplace environments. The winners and merit winners serve as role models for organisations across industries, demonstrating the profound impact that diversity and inclusion can have on driving positive change.

Here is Blaze Your Trail's Nomination

One arm of Blaze Your Trail is its service helping for-purpose organisations with consulting and strategic advice that powers their fundraising and use of technology. A significant proportion of this service is provided pro bono.

The other arm is providing work experience for jobseekers facing barriers to employment via volunteering opportunities for the for-purpose organisations (which accounts for Blaze Your Trail s pro bono service offering to its customers). The team at Blaze Your Trail closely supervise the work delivered by the volunteers, and ensure that everything is completed to the highest standard.

The problem is two-fold:

Firstly, there are thousands of individuals in Australia who find it difficult to access both paid employment AND the work experience that will help them gain that employment.

Secondly, there are many small to medium for-purpose organisations who are overwhelmed by technology and this is holding them back from achieving their mission. They either do not possess the technological expertise to find the right IT solutions for their organisations, are overwhelmed by the sheer number of products on the market, are too run off their feet and under-resourced to find the ‘head space’ to source technology solutions, or struggle with a combination of all the above.

By bringing for-purpose organisations and jobseekers together, Blaze Your Trail enables both of these ‘problems’ to problem-solve each other.

Blaze Your Trail ’s initiatives strive to meet UN Goals: 5 (gender equality), 8 (decent work and economic growth) and 16 (promote peaceful and inclusive societies).

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