How to set your Personal Portfolio to Public Access

One of the challenges we set our volunteers is creating their own personal profile, hosted on a Digital Site. One common mistake is to share the site without updating it to be publicly visible (it is private by default). This is how you do it:

  1. Go to Your Salesforce Portfolio builder (Setup→ Quick find→ Digital Experiences→ All sites→ choose Builder). 
  2. You will land on your Portfolio Home Page. 
  3. Click on settings Tab on the left side of your Home Page. 
  4. Under settings click on General Tab. In the Site details Please tick the check box for public access. 
  5. Once you change the settings click publish to reflect the changes. Once you publish, copy the URL from Published Status (Settings→ General→ site details→ Published status).
  6. Use this URL to share your profile. 

For a printable Step-by-Step guide with screenshoots please click here. Thanks to Jyothi Kumari for this guide.


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