How to find a great Salesforce partner

So you are responsible for finding a Salesforce partner for your charity. 

Where do you start?

Head to and select Support from the main navigation menu to find the link to Partners. 

You will end up on this page and you will have to look carefully to find a link for International Partners

International Parnters

On the Salesforce App Exchange you find a list of global partners 

List of Partners

And there you have it. A huge list.

So how to refine this? Ask for recommendations from other charities and then check out their Salesforce App Exchange listing.


Blaze Your Trail App Exchange Listing


Compare the number of projects with the number of reviews. If the number of reviews is less than the number of projects completed then this is an indication that some of their customers have not provided a review, and that could be a concern.

Then check out the Partner website. Do they have case studies for similar projects to the one you are hoping to undertake?

Looking good?

Schedule a call. Have a chat about your needs and find out more about the investment it would take to achieve what you want. 

Ask about their skills and certifications. Make sure they are a registered partner of Salesforce, but also make sure that their team are Non Profit Consultant Certified. 

Make a short list of partners you like the most and conduct reference checks - much like you would when hiring someone into your team.

This might sound like a lot of effort to go to - but you need to ensure that you are making the right decision. The consequences of getting it wrong are significant, you will lose time, money and talent if you partner with the wrong people. 

You can always engage a partner for a small project first - such as a health check - just to be sure that you are happy with the quality of their work.

Finally - there are several fundraising consultancies that will be able to guide you through the whole request for proposal process. 

Any questions - please just ask us! 


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