Thread Together

Thread Together drives social and environmental change. The organisation helps those in need by managing fashion excess, and distributing surplus clothes to people who are doing it tough - the highest ethical response to the issue of fashion waste.


Previously Thread Together used a variety of free and low-cost software solutions – that required constant attention – to manage operations. 

The different platforms, programs and apps made processes clunky, created duplication and limited growth. 

The process of booking, confirming and invoicing group volunteering activity was very manual. Two different platforms were used for scheduling meetings and events.


Thread Together decided to transition from HubSpot to Salesforce, and the Blaze Your Trail team used Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms with the existing WordPress website. They automated the group volunteering booking process at every stage to reduce administrative burden and provide visibility across the organisation.

The team implemented a Calendly integration to streamline the booking process directly from the Thread Together website, creating events in Salesforce. 

The activation of Einstein Activity Capture allows for a comprehensive view of Outlook calendars in Salesforce, optimising meeting scheduling, email conversation tracking and record visibility.


Efficiently managing communications
The integration of Salesforce and Outlook streamlines corporate volunteer group scheduling. Communications are visible in email inboxes and scheduling is more efficient.

Data accuracy and consistency 
Automation in the sales process has reduced the risk of data entry errors, ensuring accuracy and consistency in records across all integrated platforms.

Enhanced business processes
A single Calendly account now manages all events, streamlining the process on a single platform instead of using multiple platforms. Automation has reduced the team's time and effort spent on data and administrative processes, allowing them to, instead, focus on strategic and impact-led activities.

In their own words...

Moving our corporate volunteering booking process to Salesforce enabled us to be much more efficient in how we schedule, invoice and manage our corporate groups. This will reduce the amount of time we spend on administration giving us more time to focus on supporting people in need. It will also ensure that every corporate event is managed consistently which will be a better experience for our corporate volunteers - the Blaze Your Trail team even added a survey link to our follow-up email to assess volunteer satisfaction!

Abby MacAllin
Strategy & Business Effectiveness

Thread Together 

You can view and print the Thread Together Case Study here.

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