Sweet Louise

Sweet Louise provides practical, emotional and social support and services to New Zealanders living with incurable breast cancer. The organisation’s compassion and care helps affected women and men live as well as possible, for as long as possible.


Sweet Louise grappled with the challenge of managing data across disparate platforms –  including Salesforce, Raisely and Campaign Monitor – which resulted in inefficient manual data imports and disjointed processes.

The absence of a mechanism to track soft credits for community fundraisers, particularly during the annual Sweet October campaign, presented a significant challenge, impacting visibility into donor contributions.

The lack of integration between Campaign Monitor and Salesforce hindered personalised and targeted communications, limiting Sweet Louise's ability to engage donors effectively.


Blaze Your Trail addressed these challenges through a holistic set of solutions. An integration of Raisely with Salesforce using MoveData optimised online donation processing.

The ability to track and record UTM data through this integration was also enabled.  Next, Campaign Monitor records were connected with Salesforce data through an integration. 

As part of this process, work was done with the team to significantly reduce the number of lists in Campaign Monitor. Finally, Blaze Your Trail customised Raisely forms to acknowledge special donations, automatically sending thoughtful email messages when requested.


Efficient fundraising

The Raisely integration facilitates real-time data flow, enhancing the efficiency of managing everyday donations, appeals and community fundraising. Soft credits and automated acknowledgments streamline donor interaction, nurturing a more connected and engaged community.

Effective communication

The Campaign Monitor integration ensures a personalised approach, reducing duplicate subscribers and allowing for targeted communications. The ability to track UTM data enables Sweet Louise to understand the performance of different communication channels, enhancing their understanding of donor preferences.

Continuous improvement

Blaze Your Trail not only addressed current challenges but identified and suggested opportunities for ongoing improvement. Sweet Louise now possesses a strong foundation to maximise Salesforce NPSP's native functionality, ensuring continual growth in their fundraising capacity.

In their own words

Blaze Your Trail works quickly and efficiently. Their knowledge and willingness to share are excellent. They really added value to this project and Sweet Louise. This journey is just beginning!

Kathy McKay

Head of Fundraising & Communication

Sweet Louise

You can view and print the Sweet Louise Case Study here.


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