Stripey Stork

Stripey Stork is a UK-based charity that transforms the lives of families in need through the simple act of recycling. Stripey Stork’s vision is that every child in the county of Surrey has access to the essential items they need to develop and meet their potential.


Volunteer management was very manual. Schedules were kept in Excel spreadsheets and shared Microsoft 365 team drives. This created administrative burden, and, with a growing team, it was critical to develop an easy-to-use volunteer management system that would support the organisation moving forward.


A Web-to-Lead form was used for the volunteer application form, built on a Digital Site within Salesforce and seamlessly linked to Stripey Stork’s WordPress website. This allows for a managed, seamless onboarding process for new volunteers, supported by email templates at specific intervals throughout the onboarding journey.

Volunteers 4 Salesforce personal sites were introduced to allow an autonomous and engaged volunteer experience with guest user access. Now volunteers can view their volunteering history and cancel shifts themselves.

A Volunteer App Home Page Dashboard displays key information to the Volunteer Coordinator on login. New reports and dashboards allow a view of historical, current and upcoming data for volunteers and volunteering campaigns. Reports have even enabled the Stripey Stork team to easily see volunteer birthdays, meaning they can make their volunteers feel welcomed and valued.


A solid foundation to support growth

Stripey Stork's new volunteer management system has significantly reduced administrative work for the team. There is no longer a reliance on spreadsheets and email to keep track of activities or people and, importantly, the system can support growth, amongst both regular volunteers and corporate volunteering teams.

Reduction in manual processes

A simplified online application process allows for easier recruitment and onboarding of new volunteers. Information collected at the point of application removes the need for the previous method of manual input, meaning improved data integrity.

Happier staff and volunteers

Our changes have provided a more positive and efficient experience for both volunteers and the staff who manage them.

In her own words...

"It was clear that the consultants we worked with were qualified and knowledgeable, and we placed value on the advice we received."

Nicola Dawes DL

Chief Executive

Stripey Stork

You can view and print the Stripey Stork Case Study here.


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