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Prison Network is a not-for-profit organisation that has provided support to women in Victorian prisons, and their families, for nearly 80 years. They journey with women in and beyond prison, providing the support and courage they need to navigate positive pathways and create change.


A lack of streamlined processes for monitoring referrals, assessments, intakes and program engagements resulted in inefficiencies and potential oversights, and difficulty with reporting, evaluating and planning. 

The existing data management system failed to adequately track the services provided to women in prison and post-release, and to their extended family members in the community. Additionally, the team lacked visibility into whether in-prison program attendance influenced engagement in post-release programs.


To address these issues, Blaze Your Trail implemented a solution that included custom objects to track Referrals, Referral Assessments and Intakes, along with automated alerts for timely communication and streamlined data input through Bulk Service Deliveries.

A flow was designed to automatically link Volunteer Campaigns, Jobs, Shifts and Hours with Programs, Services, Service Schedules and Service Sessions, minimising manual effort and reducing data duplication.

Integration of Aveneer, an AppExchange app, facilitated PDF document generation, providing flexibility in creating templates for volunteer transport drivers.

Form Assembly was utilised for external data submission with two forms capturing session attendance and child transportation, ensuring seamless data recording.


Comprehensive tracking
The enhanced Program Management Module enabled comprehensive tracking of services provided to women and their families, fostering a holistic approach to support.

Efficiency gains
Efficiency gains were realised through automated alerts, bulk data input and streamlined processes, allowing the support team to focus on delivering impactful services rather than administrative tasks.

Data accuracy and integration
The new integrated solutions ensured accurate and up-to-date data, reducing the risk of data duplication and enhancing the overall efficiency of program delivery and volunteer management.

In their own words

Blaze Your Trail understand our limitation in resources, are patient with us, but also believe in our abilities in skill development with Salesforce implementation, which is encouraging.

Sally Tonkin
Head of Impact

Prison Network

You can view and print the Prison Network Case Study here.


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