One Ball

One Ball provides opportunities for children and young people, particularly those from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, to play soccer in a safe and inclusive environment.

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One Ball manually collected information about players and their parents from SMS and emails and stored this in Google Sheets. They needed to transition to the collection of accurate and complete data for compliance, reporting and applying for funding and grants. In short, they needed an impact measurement framework.


The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack was implemented as the single source of truth for all memberships, parents, players, volunteers, staff and supporters. All new player registrations are now completed on the One Ball website using web-to-lead forms and the whole onboarding process - from sign-up to invoicing - is managed from Salesforce.


Integrated accounting solution

When a child becomes a paying member the invoice is automatically created in Xero. Whilst most player fees are waived, if a child does become a paying member then the invoice is automatically created in Xero. All information about players and memberships is managed in Salesforce.

Reporting at a glance

Dashboards are displayed on the homepage to show the One Ball team all the new leads, all players, current year uniform needed and player location, registered families and families by membership activity.

SMS from within the CRM

All phone numbers on Leads, Accounts and Contacts are now formatted to Australian standard format for the Twilio for Salesforce app to send and receive SMS.

In his own words...

"Working with Blaze Your Trail was a good experience. The team were very professional, and Jessica had a lot of experience. She was able to explain complex concepts in a simple language. The team worked tirelessly to improve and implement products that suited our organisation. They were easy to reach, and when problems occurred, they were speedy to respond and fix them."

Kamal Ibrahim
One Ball

You can view and print the One Ball Case Study here.

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