Dunlea Centre

Dunlea Centre provides special education, out-of-home care, common sense parenting support and a ‘way forward’ transition program for young people and their families. Clients come from areas located across greater Sydney and Wollongong.

The Challenge

Dunlea Centre faced challenges with outdated systems: multiple databases didn't communicate with each other, causing unnecessary complexity.

Email communication was inefficient, and monthly procedures were prolonged due to platform disparities. Updating information was cumbersome across disparate systems, leading to data redundancy.

Grant management suffered from the absence of a unified system, causing time wastage. Additionally, contact management lacked structure, impacting donor satisfaction.

The Solution

Blaze Your Trail transformed donation and fundraising management by seamlessly integrating Raisely with Salesforce. A MoveData integration facilitates effortless handling of everyday donations, regular giving, appeals and community fundraising initiatives.

Mailchimp with Salesforce has revolutionised communication management, ensuring that every message reaches its intended audience effectively.
With customised Salesforce solutions supporting grants prospecting, application and follow-up processes, alongside seamless legacy data migration, we guarantee uninterrupted donor records and streamlined donation processing.


Efficiency boost
By implementing a screen flow for referrals via phone and integrating three webforms on the website, we've streamlined the enquiry process. This guided data collection not only supports frontline staff but also enhances the quality and accuracy of data, resulting in a smoother experience for customers.

Empowering insights
The Donations Dashboard offers crystal-clear visibility into donation trends over time, empowering the team to make informed decisions and devise strategic plans. Segmentation by month, fiscal quarter and fiscal year, generates valuable insights that allows for optimisation of fundraising strategies for maximum impact.

Enhanced communication excellence
Thanks to the integration with Mailchimp, new contacts are automatically added to the email subscriber list. This seamless approach ensures timely and targeted outreach to donors and stakeholders, fostering stronger relationships and enhancing communication effectiveness. It means the right message to the right person at the right time.

In their own words

Salesforce has changed the way we run the front office. It has made us more efficient and saved us significant time when taking parent and service provider enquiries, along with checking current Lead and Contact status and updating details so everyone is kept in the loop!

Jade Clarke

Reception & Communications Officer

Dunlea Centre

You can view and print the Dunlea Centre Case Study here.

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