Cambodia Rural Students Trust Case Study

Breaking the poverty cycle through education is the fastest way to help people out of poverty. By giving people a hand up, rather than a hand out, Cambodia Rural Students Trust develops Cambodia's future leaders.


Cambodia Rural Students Trust had grown significantly over the last 12 years.

They wanted to build profiles for their sponsors, and have a shared view of all contact history.

All their sponsorships were managed in multiple Excel Spreadsheets and tabs, making annual sponsorships renewal a very manual process.

Reporting was a problem and there was no way to track incoming enquiries.


The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) was implemented, and core features of this solution are used to track people, businesses, donations and campaigns.

A custom object was built to track sponsorship agreements between students and donors.

Raisely was integrated with Salesforce using MoveData, to make it easier to track financial gifts and manage donor relationships in a centralised location.

This project migrated all existing donors and sponsorships, so they are now easily accessed in a single location.



Built for Growth

The new system is easily used by all team members for managing relationships with their donors, students, supported family members and key stakeholders. The new solution handles a larger volume of donations and communications than before, and can scale with future growth.

Greater Accuracy 

The reduction in manual processes also reduces manual mistakes. Validation rules support accurate data entry.

Improved Messaging, Reporting & Focus

The integration of Mailchimp allows for professional and targeted communications with supporters. Reports and Dashboards summarise important information for key stakeholders such as board members and funders.

This project means that more time and energy can be invested into fundraising and nurturing relationships with donors, students and supported family members.

In their own words

It was a big commitment in time and data collection, but the results are fantastic. We have more time to focus on other things. It has removed pain points in following up donors, tracking donations, reporting and communicating with current and potential sponsors.


Jessica Palti


Cambodia Rural Students Trust


You can view and print the Cambodia Rural Students Trust Case Study here.

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