Baby Give Back

Baby Give Back is a medium to large sized charity on the Gold Coast of Queensland and recently extended into Greater Brisbane. They provide material goods to services that support families across Queensland.

We helped them with their Salesforce implementation project which included customising the Case Object to suit their ordering system. This included building individualised web 2 lead and web 2 case forms on their website, enabling a streamlined process for managing new leads and requests for help.  There was also a big piece of work integrating their Raisely donation platform with Salesforce, which automated all of their online donations and tracking. 

Interview with Carly Fradgley, CEO & Founder of Baby Give Back

What has the introduction of Salesforce meant for Baby Give Back?

Implementing Salesforce has enabled efficiencies and workflows not previously possible for us. We now have one data source which is important for impact reporting, fundraising, stock planning and volunteer management. Whilst we are still in the relative 'early' stages, we can see that Salesforce will help us to grow our organisation to the next level.

How satisfied are you with your implementation?

I have been very impressed with the volunteers' skills, attitude and willingness to learn. Jessica has provided valuable stewardship and guidance.

How confident are you in your own ability to lead further development?

I feel empowered to be able to see how we can further develop Salesforce to benefit us as we scale our operations.

Do you feel you know enough about Salesforce works now that you could ask the right questions to the right people in the future?

I feel that I am pretty close to reaching this point.

How happy are you with your own skills 6 months on?

I am thrilled to have built up skills that I didn't think possible (nor really necessary for me to have) before this process.

How important was this digital program for your service?

It is critical for me as CEO to know Salesforce 'inside and out' so that we can ensure we are getting maximum benefit.

Could you have continued operating as you were?

We would have been able to continue to a point, however given our plans to continue scaling quickly, Salesforce has been a critical part of streamlining processes and ensuring the integrity of our data and reports.

Two years on, happy are you with your own skills?

I am really happy with how much I have learned over the past few years on Salesforce. I’m sure there are endless learning but with the support from Blaze your Trail, I feel confident to manage our Salesforce and investment in further development.  

Who funded this implementation?

For us, this has been a volunteer project. 

Note: All of Jessica’s time supervising and designing the data model, businesses processes and fundraising setup was donated. 

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