Ugen Kumari

This is Ugen Kumari, a graduate of La Trobe University with a Master of Engineering Management. Ugen is proud to be the first in her family to attend University. Following graduation, Ugen worked in technical support, with a special interest in documentation and administration.

Whilst on maternity leave, Ugen explored new career paths and discovered Salesforce. Since she joined Blaze Your Trail in June 2023, Ugen gained her Salesforce Administrator certification. Ugen volunteered for 143 hours for various causes, motivated by her journey as a new parent.

This week, Ugen was offered the role of Customer Service Representative at IMI Australia. Congratulations, Ugen!

Ugen says “During my time volunteering with Blaze Your Trail, I found the training and learning opportunities to be extremely beneficial for my personal and professional development. Initially, I had limited knowledge about what it takes to be an admin, but the experience I gained during my tenure was invaluable. The first few weeks may have seemed a bit overwhelming, but as I became more involved with the REACH Siem Reap Project, I started to see how different aspects of the Salesforce platform interconnected. This not only improved my understanding of the system but also helped me grow in various areas, such as managing permissions, configuring page layouts, defining record types, working with experience sites, and creating flows.

What I appreciated most about the training was its practical approach. It allowed me to apply what I learned directly to the organisation's needs, which accelerated my learning curve. Additionally, the supportive and collaborative environment at Blaze Your Trail fostered a sense of community and shared knowledge, making it easier to overcome challenges and continuously expand my skill set. Although there is still much more to learn, I am grateful for the progress I've made in the past few months since I started exploring this role in February”

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